Government Cheque Cashing

Government cheques are like any other checks that are issued and processed, from personal and company cheques to checks issued by provincial, municipal, or federal they are all treated in the same fashion.
To cash a Government Cheque, a government-issued ID is required. The ID must have both your photo and signature on it.

Government cheques cannot be negotiated when:

  • Cheque is suspected to be counterfeit.
  • Cheque has been endorsed or signed by a third-party.
  • Cheque has been altered in some way.
  • Cheque is connected with crime or fraud.
  • Cheque is older than 2 weeks.
  • Cheque is a replacement cheque.
Cheque Cashing of Government of Canada instrument will be charged a fee to cash. This is a percentage fee based on the amount being transacted, plus an administration fee. Membership discount applies upon presentation of a valid membership card.
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