Commercial Cheque Cashing

Commercial Cheque cashing is simple.
An individual has a business or commercial cheque made out to them. They may not have a bank account, or are from another province and not have a financial institution in their immediate area, or they just simply may not want to wait for a cheque to clear, or may not be able to get to their own bank to get their money quickly. Present the cheque to us and take advantage of our cheque-cashing services.

We offer quick, simple and an easy to use process:

  • We will verify your identification
  • Ask for the endorsement of the cheque to us
  • The amount of the cheque will be released less a transaction fee

For more information or any questions do not hesitate to call! We are here to help.

All cheques are subject to validation and management approval. Government-issued ID must be presented. We cash commercial cheques made out to your company. We require the Articles of Incorporation together with government-issued identification, which will authorized you to negotiate the cheque.
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